Green Earth Cleaning
The patented GreenEarth cleaning process cleans great, has no odor and leaves clothes feeling soft and smooth. It's very gentle on fabric, so it's safe for delicate items and even extends garment life. Plus, this environmentally friendly system won't pollute our air, soil or water. Come in and see for yourself why GreenEarth Cleaning is good for everybody.
International Fabricare Institute
The International Fabricare Institute (IFI) represens over ten thousand retail dry cleaning facilities in the United States alone, IFI is the world's leading professional garment care organization. IFI's balanced representation of cleaning entities, both large and small, makes it the industry voice.
South Eastern Fabricare Association
The South Eastern Fabricare Association is a trade association that represents its members who have an interest in the dry cleaning and laundry industry. The not-for-profit association provides value through education, research, legislative representation, industry specific information programs, products and services.